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hio fae

is a photographer, video-editor, director, cinematographer, model, translator, and writer from North America who is currently pursuing a second master’s degree in Iceland. And although Hio has many interests, surrealism, folklore, and perspectives drive the pieces Hio delicately ensembles to deliver an emotional message garnished with science and history. You can find Hio on instagram @hiofae.


University of Iceland, Global Studies, post-graduate       diploma, Spring 2021                            

University of Iceland, Medieval Icelandic Studies, MA,       January 2020                                                              University of Oxford, Summer School, English Literature-   Fantasy, Science Fiction, Myths, Legend, and Folklore-   Here be Dragons, September 2018                              CalArts, Game Design Certificate, Spring of 2017                University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL, Bachelor of Arts in   English— Literature with a concentration in     CreativeWriting— and History, with minors in Mechanical   Engineering and Motion Pictures/Screenwriting,   Fall of     2016, Departmental honors in English and History   

Previous Employers:

NASA smd and NASA en Español

Reykjavik Fringe Festival 2020

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