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Model: @marsibilast

There is a hunger inside all of us. Slowly brewing for the night. Moon creatures come out to play, under the mistful rabbit with stars falling down its cheek.

Sometimes I wonder if you cared enough. Sometimes I wonder if you ever cared at all. The point is, we will always have this longing for something, especially once we know deep down we will never have it. You see my hair is like strings that I want to pull, but most of the time, it is on my face, making it hard to see what is in front of me

I remember my dad taking me fishing when I was younger. I cried during the whole journey. I slept most of it. The sea makes me sick but not in the way people do.

Soul mates don't have to be a lover. They can be best friends. I haven't been in many relationships. The thing is I value friendship the most.

What really matters? I often ask myself this question.

My feelings are reaching closer to the coast, wavering with the waves. My heart isn't still. I don't know the tides. And I am not going to wait for a current to come my way.

Yesterday, I cut fruit, placed it on the table. Today, it was meek. And I know tomorrow it will be surrounded by fruit flies. And I wondered why I thought to put off tasting it in the first place.

My biggest fear is to overwhelm you. We all have our problems. My emotions can be too much. My family can be too much, My fears are too much. The thing is my feelings run deep, I have so much love and hope to give. If I can offer you any kind of support, that would be enough.

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