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model: @lillagozzilla

Maybe I fell in love with the image of you, the one I made without realizing it. Maybe we just outgrew each other, going in different waves, with a rip current between us.

The wind always makes my eyes cry, it's not a bad feeling. No sadness involved. It's only natural. I know you hated making me cry, but I express each feeling so profoundly. Some say I'm overwhelming. I'm overflowing with kindness. I needed you as much as you needed me. No one deserves better. We all deserve everything. I cannot compare a cactus to a lily tree, even if none existed.

Lately, I have been sleeping more. It's become harder staying awake. I think I'm healing in my dreams. At least I hope so

I always set high expectations for myself, hoping I'll change and improve along the way.

You're a thought that was on the tip of my tongue, bothering me until I remembered, forgotten until one morning, knowing once I woke up and forgetting it all once again like a dream I couldn't recall.

I wonder why I can't seem to rationalize my feelings.

I wonder what would have happened if we did things a little differently.

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